Sell Jewellery

There are many reasons to dispose of jewellery. 

  • The item may be damaged or unwearable
  • It may have bad memories attached 
  • You may have inherited something that isn’t your style 
  • Perhaps you just want to update your collection and put the money towards something fresh.

Adelaide Exchange is a Cash Buyer of All Jewellery & Precious Metal Pieces (even broken items)

We assess and consider all individual items and collections for potential purchase. If you are unsure of whether to sell something, even if it seems unusual, please bring it in. Whether it is a broken piece, a single earring, or even a piece of gold tooth, we have seen many items just like it, and would like to help you. Don’t be shy, we can help you!

The retail arm of our business means we can properly value your items, as we know what they are worth, and can assess them on far more than just metal value. We can include the value of stones set into jewellery, and also add a premium for the general charm or antiquity of a piece, meaning that you generally achieve a far better price at Adelaide Exchange.

We are ALWAYS looking to buy jewellery, gold, silver or diamond items. No matter how small or large the item(s) you are wanting to sell, we are the place to sell your gold. You can sell your goods for immediate cash, or trade them towards another beautiful item.

We offer a discreet and respectful service.  You can come into any of our four locations and obtain cash for gold while you wait.

Adelaide Exchange supports the recycling of precious metal, and will perform the work required on gold, silver, or platinum to reclaim its value and turn it into something fresh, original and useful once again.

Adelaide Exchange - "Where Gold is Sold"™

There are many reasons for selling jewellery… here are just a few:

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