Live Spot USD AUD
Gold 1oz $2,415.25 $3,603.24
Silver 1oz $31.52 $47.02
Platinum 1oz $1,087.30 $1,622.11
Palladium 1oz $1,012.70 $1,510.82
Exchange Rate Last Update Next Update
$ 0.6703 08:48 AM AEST

Why Buy Gold Bullion

Gold and silver bullion is popular with investors all over the world, and many financial experts encourage the use of gold and silver in investment portfolios.

The purchase of gold and silver bullion is a significant moment for many customers, who have made the decision upon long and thoughtful consideration about how it can benefit their personal investment and financial portfolios.

However, when it comes to investing in precious metal, there are often many shiny-shoed salesmen preaching the end of the world, and trying to scare you into placing your entire life savings into precious metals.  While no-one can predict the future, we would advise, from many years of experience trading precious metal, that everyone should aim to have 10-15% of their assets invested in liquid securities, such as bullion, to counteract the effects of inflation and currency collapse in our economically volatile world.  At Adelaide Exchange, there are only real people selling real gold and silver and associated products.

Remember - “Precious metal - the truly solid liquid investment!” ™

No matter what kind of bullion you decide to purchase, our friendly consultants will provide helpful and knowledgeable details about the current market, and use this to determine the best product option that meets your objectives.

Adelaide Exchange proudly supports Australian mined and refined gold and silver.

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