January Garnet
Represents strength, truth, constancy and power.

February Amethyst
Represents love, sincerity, peace and tranquillity.

March Aquamarine
Represents tranquillity, calm and confidence.

April Diamond
Represents purity, innocence, and simplicity.

May Emerald
Represents balance, peace, harmony and love.

June Pearl
Represents confidence, creativity, strength and wealth.

July Ruby
Represents freedom, love, wisdom and power.

August Peridot
Represents friendship, enchantment, beauty and mystery.

September Sapphire
Represents truth, confidence, wisdom and harmony.

October Opal
Represents hope, purity, foresight and luck.

November Topaz
Represents loyalty, love, friendship and sincerity.

December Turquoise
Represents success, wealth, strength and good luck.

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