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Welcome to Australia's most vibrant Antique jewellery and numismatic website. Among the pages of our comprehensive site you will find a selection of the unique, exquisite items which fill our four stores across Australia.

Adelaide Exchange Jewellers was established in 1984 in Adelaide, South Australia; since then it has grown to become Australia's premier Antique jewellery boutique. Our first store, situated in Stephens Place in the Adelaide CBD, has long been a magnet for connoisseurs of fine decorative art.

The city of Adelaide is positioned well for the antique market, with its strong tradition in antique and numismatic collecting stemming, in turn, from the unique colonial past of its affluent pre-federation period. Until recently Adelaide boasted some of the finest collections of coins in Australia.

In the same premises our company also advanced into the field of Bullion trading, becoming the foremost dealer in precious metal trading in the state of South Australia.

Adelaide City

Adelaide Exchange Jewellers
10 Stephens Place
Adelaide SA 5045

The first branch of Adelaide Exchange was established in 1987 at the historic tourist site of Glenelg, near the famous beach strip visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world every year; on the main shopping boulevard.

Adelaide - Glenelg

Here at Glenelg you will find Adelaide's most comprehensive range of coins and banknotes all in the one store; from the 17th century through to the latest releases from the Royal Australian Mint. Our on-site numismatist is available to assist you in selecting the best coins for your portfolio or answer your numismatic questions.

We also boast an on-site Manufacturing Jeweller who can provide you with a personalised consultation service and jewellery repairs, re-sizes, remakes or remodels.

Adelaide Exchange Jewellers
16 Jetty Road
Glenelg SA 5045
Phone (08) 8376 0044

The company's north eastern branch, in Adelaide, is situated in the Tea Tree Plaza Westfield at Modbury, servicing Adelaide's northern suburbs. As in all stores, here at Modbury you will find a sample of our unique antique and modern jewellery, offered to you with the highest level of service. Bullion can also be transacted from here and a full range of numismatic items are stocked.

Adelaide - Modbury

Tea Tree Plaza Westfield
Shop 227 (next to Kmart)
976 North East Road,
Modbury, SA 5092
Phone: (08) 8395 1155

The firm's newest branch in Hobart, Tasmania, was opened in 1998, June 1st. The store is set in one of Australia's most historic settlements, unspoilt Hobart town, whose harbour is the terminus point for the world famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

The quaintness of Tasmania is reflected in the traditional care given by our staff to all. The store also boasts a full on-site jewellery workshop for immediate repairs, right through to design and manufacture of your own individual jewellery piece.

Adelaide Exchange Jewellers
Cat & Fiddle Arcade, Upper Level
Hobart, Tasmania. (03) 6234 5000

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